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The lake behind Barker Dam, Joshua Tree National Park. February, 2010

Ridgeline trail above Ladder Canyon. Ocotillos are in full leaf, the Salton Sea in the distance. March 2010

Johnson Ranch: San Luis Obispo. The incredible and quite remarkable oaks help to make this Open Space Park a special place.  On of many foot bridges travels beneath an oak tree that seems to spring out of the ground, snake back into it and then out again.  This tree is worth coming here.  March 2010

Wiesendanger Falls: One of the several waterfalls seen along the Multnomah-Wahkena Falls loop in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

Queen's Garden Loop; Bryce Canyon National Park. Hoodoos, fins, spires, hammers and slot canyons overwhelm the visitor to this magical place.  The rarified air is deep blue and seems to never end.
White Tank Mountains Regional Park, Arizona.  The park is no doubt a jewel for Maricopa County with its rocky ridges, spreading aluvial fans and saguaro cactus forests. The elevation affords a somewhat cooler environment than the blistering temps in the Phoenix valley floor. February 2011
Joshua Tree National Park: View as you exit "The Maze" heading towards the Window Rock Loop trail. In the distance is Ryan Mountain, the highest peak in the park.  February 2011

Rock outcropping along the Marble Falls Trail, Sequoia National Park. March, 2011

Exposed white sandstone found on the Loskorn trail, just below the West Ridge Trail. Caspers Wilderness Park, San Juan Capistrano. April 2011.

Blackened Oak Canopy; Whiting Ranch and Limestone Canyon Wilderness Park, Foothill Ranch, CA. June 2011.

"Trail Music" A banjo player plunks away under the shade of a trail rest stop at Aliso and Woods Canyon Wilderness Park, Aliso Viejo, Calif.  August, 2011.